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Photo dazzle is the collection of photographs clicked by me (Prasant), opens the door to the experience of reality and imagination. All readers, basically photo enthusiast can get a chance to see the India and Indian Territory in a new way. All viewers can get all type of photos here as Wild life, Festivals, Portraits, Landscape, silhouette, marriage, objects, beach, people, abstract, manipulating photos and many more.

PRASANT PALEI (Photographer)

With only a few years of experience in the field of photography makes prasant a good photographer. Prasant’s keen interest in photography combined with a quiet knowledge has helped him become an authority in setting up in photography world. He has started studied computer science, despite of that, the interest pulled him in to the photography. In this journey he always keeps his best friend canon EOS 1300d always with him, and wants to give all the credit to his friend “the camera”.

DIBYALOCHAN TAREI (Design and Development)

A graduate in web designing and most helping hand in this journey. Without him it may not possible to make this big opportunity. Dibyalochan’s knowledge and experience is widely utilized while post processing and posting. The main blogger of this website really deserve all the credits.


Another important person in this journey. The advisor and helping hands has a degree of B.Tech in computer science along with some creative ideas. Without him may this journey could have incomplete.


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